A/B Testing Exploration

It is important that companies consistently experiment ways to improve customer engagement, content creation, conversion rates, sales volume, and so much more. Email marketing and SMS/MMS marketing are great resources for improving these KPIs but this can only happen when executed effectively.

As a customer of an eyewear brand, I found myself wondering what ways the company could improve my experience as a customer based upon their current strategies of attempting to keep me engaged.  Through my understanding of A/B testing, I have created possible solutions.


Market Analysis 

Many brands are seeking new ways to appeal to the fast changing behaviors of consumers. Being intentional and strategic with your marketing can bring a great ROI. For this example, I decided to learn more about Athleta and give my perspective of possible opportunities for their  growth as a brand.
Please note: This analysis is from Feb/Mar 2023 and there have been significant changes in the company since then.


Logo Design

A local youth track & field organization was in need of a fresh and exciting logo that represented their new energy when competing. My client gave me some ideas of what they wanted to be on their team's uniforms and I had an opportunity to create several designs for them to choose from. Take a look into my process!


Email Revamp

In addition to thinking of ways to enhance their SMS approach, I also found myself curious of wanting to find ways to make the eyewear company's email approach more engaging.

Join me on my journey of making their emails go from drab to fab!


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