"Never erase your past. It shapes who you are today and will help you to be the person you'll be tomorrow." - Ziad K. Abdelnour

Past projects, insights into some aspects of my life, and more can be found here. Every once in a while I find it important to take time to reflect on past experiences as they are part of the longer-term story of who I am presently and how I will grow in the future.

Group Projects

Believe it or not, this entire group project was completed solely through iMessage when it came to communicating throughout the semester. In the midst of the pandemic, as a group, we chose to not meet on Zoom. The objective of this project was to learn about a company from an advertising perspective and create a commercial. 

My role for this project was more focused on portions of research + sending clips to our team member that edited commercial on FinalCutPro + visuals and organization of the POWERPOINT.

For a historical fashion course, my group and I were asked to choose a well-known fashion designer from a list that our professor created. We had an opportunity to discover the great mind of the late Alexander McQueen through our roles of different layers of research (Forecasting of Major Trends, Signature Style & Major Innovation/Contributions, Evolution of the Designer, Suggestions for Designer, and Influence & Analysis of Designer).

My role for this project was more focused on Forecasting of Major Trends + visuals and organization of the POWERPOINT.

Have you ever experienced the Trader Joe's in East Sacramento? Great service, great products, and great experience IN-STORE but unfortunately an anxiety-filled parking experience can shift a customer's perception. Throughout the semester of this retailing course, my group and I learned about the importance of LOCATION and LAYOUT for brick-and-mortars and applied our learnings to create solutions for Trader Joe's.

My role for this project was more focused on portions of research + in-person searching & observation of potential locations + helping my group with visuals and organization of the POWERPOINT.

In this marketing course, my group and I were expected to choose a retailer and discover key issues + SWOT Analysis + 4Ps of the company. At the time, we decided to choose a department store. During our in-class (on zoom) presentation, we took the time to explain to our audience our findings, our solutions, and our forecasting of the company's future in further detail.

My role for this project was more focused on portions of research + being part of the 3 of 6 group members to present + helping my group with visuals and organization of the powerpoint. View PART 1 AND PART 2.

Individual Projects

After graduating, I wanted to dive more into learning about another layer of fashion that I hadn't learned about while in school which was streetwear. One of my projects consisted of choosing a well-known streetwear designer and creating a TIMELINE of their progress throughout their experience during the years. Melody Ehsani has always been a huge source of inspiration to me since I was in middle school and it was a great experience learn about her through watching interviews and other forms of research.

History plays a crucial role in how fashion has developed over the years. In this course, I was assigned the task to choose a movie that depicted a decade from the 20th century and present key looks to my class that were popular during that time. Having seen Sylvie's Love prior to being given this assignment, I knew it would be the perfect movie to use as a resource for this PRESENTATION of 1950s looks.

For this Apparel Quality Analysis course, we went through a large range of topics throughout the semester related to construction/production, sizing/quality standards, and more. This project consisted of having to create a company (I know Deni Studios wasn't the coolest name to come up with) based upon a specific garment that we studied throughout the semester. My garment was a denim jumpsuit which led to me creating a company that focused solely on denim. This project was my first real introduction to the importance of  trend forecasting, technical flats, specification sheets, and tech packs. I learned a lot  after presenting this POWERPOINT to my class and receiving a wealth of help and feedback from classmates.

Global trade, politics, and the overall economy has an effect on the textiles industry in ways I hadn't realized until I completed this course. Throughout the weeks of this semester, each student had to choose a country and learn more about its textile industry. My choice of Kenya showed the larger issues from a global standpoint and the ways that  consumer behavior can be harmful to others and the environment in the long run. Through videos, news reports, and other resources I was able to help my class learn more about Mitumba, trade agreements, potential growth in manufacturing, and more. POWERPOINT

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