Meet Bria Zhané

My Journey

I found an early interest in the fashion industry at a fairly young age. I'd like to say this came from seeing Tyra Banks' ANTM, Kimora Lee Simmons' Life in The Fab Lane, flipping through hundreds of fashion magazines, and so much more (oh my, the nostalgia). Life progressed and I found myself in a "Introduction to the Fashion Industry" course at Sacramento State University  which led to me completing my studies in Fashion Merchandising & Management + Marketing. During my undergrad experience outside of school I also had roles in department retail, specialty retail, and different forms of leadership/management & team collaboration.

After having graduated in the midst of the global pandemic, I felt the need to intentionally dive a bit deeper into myself and reflect upon my beliefs, values, passions, and purpose along with my experiences in the classroom and the workplace. While reflecting, I took the time to learn new creative skills, marketing skills, and any other skills that I found to be valuable for my professional development.

Recently, an elderly man told me that "you have the books you get in school and then you have the books of life." My academic training creating a strong foundation for me and my post-grad motivation to purposefully learn more skills, connect with more people, gather resources, and experience more life post-grad has been nothing short of a blessing.  A life of learning is a life well lived.

Expressing high levels of gratitude to you for taking the time to explore my portfolio!


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